Senior UI Engineer


Apple, Inc

Lead User Experience Developer


Discovery Communications

Develop forward thinking user experiences for multiple devices that integrate various technologies and content types.

• Create Online Video Experiences in Flash (AS3 + Brightcove) and HTML5 for Mobile

• Mentor development team on emerging technologies, best practices, and creative solutions

• Integrate 3rd Party Ad Serving (Freewheel) into Web and Mobile Apps (iOS)

• Integrate Social Media into Web and Mobile Experiences (Facebook/Twitter)

• Develop Mobile Web Experiences using JavaScript + HTML5

• Enable Omniture metrics tracking and Ad Serving for interactive experiences (Flash + DHTML).

• Enhance Flash Video Players (Brightcove) and HTML to integrate social media sharing. 

• Lead development on innovative products and prototypes for web, mobile(iPad/iPhone) and set-top boxes (GoogleTV)

• Create documentation on standards and requirements for 3rd party vendors.

Senior Front End Developer



Responsible for all front end engineering projects at kajeet, Inc, a startup focusing on youth cell phones. 

• Designed and developed architecture for games and interactive features for and as well as various kajeet branded micro-sites, using Flash.
• Analyzed and implement search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for content development based on analysis of site metrics.
• Developed HTML/CSS and JavaScript for based on current web standards:  focusing on e-commerce, product marketing, customer configuration and customization tools, and search engine marketing (SEM) landing pages.

Technical Analyst



Analyzed and developed innovative solutions to business critical issues, focusing on AOL and Time Warner Web Sites for Performance, Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility.

• Designed and developed "ad injection" code methodology to improve content load-time on, so that it loaded up to 4x's faster.
• Developed the “Webometer”, a tool to gauge load times of competitive websites.
• Re-engineered a Flash based video experience (AOL Movies / Moviefone) into DHTML; thereby optimizing content for search engines, accessibility, and performance.
• Designed and built a Standards Compliance Tracking tool for AOL websites utilizing DHTML and AJAX.
• Collaborated with various AOL, Netscape, and Time Warner development teams on implementation of best practices.
• Engaged the AOL developer community by delivering presentations on current web technologies, trends and standards.

Software Engineer



Principal HTML developer for the HTML AOL Welcome related web experiences.

• Created Welcome Screen experiences for AOL Mail Application and AOL Copland Communication Suite.
• Worked on Flash based version of AOL Welcome Screen which allowed for personalization by users.
• Developed various optimized AOL Welcome Screen prototypes using technologies such as XML/XSLT, DHTML, and AJAX.

Interactive Media Developer



Engineered key websites and products for the AOL Brand, focusing on the rapid development of advanced user interfaces.
• Created resource efficiencies by writing a Tcl/SMIL based solution for scheduled publishing of NFL Videos. This solution eliminated the need for teams of web publishers to work shifts during weekends to enforce contractually obligated blackout times for NFL Videos.
• Developed user personalization within a Sports Ticker for the AOL Sports Main Page using XML driven Flash.
• Produced a DHTML solution for the AOL Members Movie site which incorporated streaming video of user submitted content and content rating very similar to YouTube.
• Developed streaming video user experiences for AOL Broadband, which included Video@AOL, integration of third party video content from The Weather Channel, National Geographic, HBO, The Comedy Channel.
• Worked on various heavily trafficked AOL websites and products including: AOL Radio, Music, Personal Finance, Moviefone, and People Connection.

Software Developer


Electric Press

Develop technical solutions for internet start-up that provided online viewing of books and publish when purchased system.
• Designed and maintained several web sites that utilize a proprietary mark-up language and program to display entire books online for purchase and on demand publishing.  
• Automated process for scanning, OCR, PLS search indexing, file conversion and archiving for image files. 
• Developed JavaScript, DHTML, BOML, and Perl code for dynamic web page development and RealServer maintenance for streaming video and audio.

Assitant Editor


Astrolabe Pictures

Audio and Video editing using Avid for animated cartoon.

Executive Producer


Lost Souls Media

Designed and developed a political satire web site and other e-commerce enabled sites for various clients. 
• Developed unique content in HTML, JavaScript, and CGI (Perl). 
• Multimedia content was also produced utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Premier, GIF animation, and VIVO Producer.

Lan Adminstrator


Network Solutions Inc

Maintained Novell Network for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission HQ in Rockville as well as other locations throughout the US (3,500+ users).
• Provided support/training on one-to-one basis for users. 
• Created HTML and JavaScript documents.
• Attained Top Secret DOE Security Clearance